Greeting in the name of the Church.


Here is an update on current situation at Inverness Methodist Church


During the current Coronavirus outbreak we have been directed by the Methodist Church to suspend all activities which would normally take place in the church.


This includes:

Sunday worship
Sunday at 5

Ladies Guild

Boys Brigade
Girl Guiding
Little Acorns
Wednesday coffee fellowship


We do not know at this time when we will be able to meet again, but rest assured that although the building may not be in use, just as it was after the fire in Union Street in 1961, we are still a Methodist Church, just one without a building.


We will try and keep in touch during this time by telephone calls, regular letters or email if you have one.

If we don’t have your email (and you have received a letter) and you would like us to keep in touch in that way, then please let us know and we will add you to our list.   The easiest way of letting us know your email address is by emailing the Church on


If you don’t have an email then we will happily keep in touch with you by letter or telephone call.

During this unprecedented times should you require any assistance that the church could offer then please do not hesitate to use one of the following methods to contact us:


The Church’s Mobile number is 07543 406415 - please leave a message and someone will get back to you or please email the Church at


We are hoping that the Insight Magazine will be available for Easter and as we cannot have our usual decorated Cross this Easter we were wondering if you would like to show us what flowers you have arranged for Easter Sunday.   When Easter Day comes round we will try and share what photographs we have with everyone so that if we cannot have our Easter Cross as a sign of new life we will have your Easter arrangements as a sign that the Church is not dead and that new life is just around the corner.

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.


Yours in Christ

Rev John Beadle

This is our Easter Cross. 

Originally our Christmas tree, the branches were removed and a cross was made.  On Ash Wednesday the bare cross is taken back into church and during Lent, items of Holy week - Palm branches, bowl and towel, bag of coins etc are added to the cross.   On Easter day all of these things are removed and the congregation bring flowers which when added to the cross, brings it back to life.  

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